VACUMED Technology Explained

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VACUMED Technology Explained

Have you ever tried watering your garden with a kinked hosepipe? Or seen what happens when the inner tube of a bicycle becomes worn and makes a ‘bubble’? The kinked hosepipe will prevent any useful amount of water from coming through, and the bubble will cause a significant wobble until it bursts and the tyre becomes flat!

In order for oxygen and nutrients to reach all our organs and muscles, the arteries and veins carrying the blood need to be open, smooth and flexible. This enables a smooth FLOW of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood away from the heart, and an equally smooth flow of depleted, venous blood back again.  


“Blood is the river that carries life through your veins”

Anything that causes our blood vessels to become clogged or damages the beautiful, silky epithelial lining so that it becomes rough and uneven or causes the vessels to become stiff and fragile – will disrupt the normal FLOW, resulting in a shortage of oxygen (ischemia) and resulting death of the affected tissue.

Some of these conditions occur as a natural consequence of ageing (wear-and-tear). Others result from diseases, diet, medications, life-style choices, stress, exposure to toxins and many other reasons. All have the potential to become chronic (long-lasting) or serious – even to the point of life-threatening.

Keeping your blood flowing freely by making positively healthy life-style changes will go a long way towards ensuring that you live your healthiest possible life for as long as possible.


“For the life of the creature is in the blood”

Support the life-enhancing FLOW with regular VACUMED sessions to help your heart and vessels remain open, smooth and flexible. Once-a-month maintenance treatments are ideal. 

Prevent permanent and costly damage to your tissues and organs with a series of Vacumed treatments to restore disrupted blood FLOW and remain healthier for longer.

Staywell High Care offers package deals to suit your budget.   

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