The Best Postpartum Healing at Staywell

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The Best Postpartum Healing at Staywell
Having a baby is a dream come true for many young families. But giving birth is a stressful time for all concerned. But often, the most difficult time of all sets in during the first few weeks postpartum when sleep and time are at an absolute premium.
For many women, postpartum belly comes as a shock. With a baby inside, one expects the extra weight and girth. But it is not so clear that it can take weeks or months for the size of the belly and the additional weight to decrease back to pre-pregnancy levels. Possibly the so-called ‘Mummy-tummy’ after a C-Section may be even more distressing, being all the more unexpected.

Unwelcome ‘Mummy-Tummy’

While a part of the problem may be ascribed to hormonal changes and the time it takes for the uterus to return to it’s normal size, the largest contributing factors include:
  • Excess skin and fat from the pregnancy
  • Excess water (retention) due to hormonal and other factors.
  • Stress (and lack of time) which may lead to additional causes such as
    • Poor eating habits
    • Less and/or poor quality sleep
    • Lack of uplifting exercise
  • Scarring
  • Weak connective tissue
  • And more

Here's how we can help

A holistic, personalized recovery plan is developed, based on each individual client’s condition, needs, time and budget. With high-tech medical devices at our disposal, we are able to offer highly effective and entirely non-invasive:
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Flow regeneration (Intermittent Vacuum Therapy which acts like an external heart pumping arterial blood supply, venous return and lymphatic flow)
  • Relaxation, improved digestion, lower stress levels, lower BP (parallel stimulation of the Vagus nerve)
  • Improved Oxygen saturation levels and skin tome (negatively ionized air)
  • Reduced pain and scarring (red light therapy)
  • Strengthening of connective tissue with the effect of
    • Reducing excess skin and fat
    • reducing belly overhang
    • improving core strength
    • reducing cellulite
    • improving over-all body shape and self-image

What is in it for you?

Helping your clients to regain their body and their confidence more quickly postpartum, will encourage them to turn to you again in the future. In addition to which, they will be happy to encourage their friends to do the same!
We believe in the principle of supporting local, so our business model makes provision for a generous referral fee which may be invoiced at the end of any relevant month.
To assist your clients at a time when available funds are short for most people, Package Deals are available to suit available budget!

Find out more:

Contact us on 084 449 4143 (cell or whatsapp) or by e-mail on for more information.

Alternatively, come and see and test our devices for yourself - find us in the Lifestyle on Kloof Centre (Second Floor), 50 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town.

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